The life of relationships by: Aniki Vance

What has happened to me today made me confident to do this blog and not to procrastinate and not do this blog for another week or something this blog is mixed with humor and romance but It is meant to help you and your partner and even if your single this blog will help you I want you to read this blog carefully and think of why you should take that path and understand it if you disagree on some things that’s ok but most of it is supposed to help you and you can even share it with your friends but before we begin you must be willing to read this blog if you can’t please exit now but if you really want to know stay put so here’s a little bit about me

My name: Aniki

zodiac: Gemini , May 31st 2002

Age: 13

hair color: black

race: Mixed but mostly African American

eyes: Brown

OK I probably should have left off the extra details I am crazy anyways let’s get this blog started!

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