Fashion advice and tips

So, finally want a blog that tells you what you need? Well here it is ta-da! A blog made just for you! So shall we get started? Let’s start: For occasions like weddings, parties, birthdays basically you want to look well presented for an party : Party heels , Skirt and a crop top with a black handbag it just shows that your not going too crazy in fashion. For an birthday: a belt that helps balance out an flowy skirt it just makes the skirt toned down a bit so it doesn’t look like tornado of wind washed up inside of your skirt so as i would say pair that with a silk white beaded bateau top with a nude flowy skirt and a black cinch belt with pale heels so that’s just a example what would i do in my opinion.Sometimes in fashion you have to come out of your comfort zone or else you will remain stuck because when you want own a business you got to dress professional or else people won’t take you seriously so my idea for a business outfit is something that is casual yet sophisticated and professional as well so first off i would pair a contrast top with a slim sheek blazer and a over the knee lace pencil skirt that is just above the knee and a red pair of Christian louboutin heels . Also another thing that is important in fashion is proportion because you want to give off a positive vibe when having the right proportion in your clothing so what i would do for is the different body types so if you have a hourglass figure you want to make sure it cinches at the waist and makes your bust stand out like a contrast v – neck peplum blouse for instance is for a hourglass figure for a rectangle: you want something that hugs at those terrific shoulders like a cap sleeve shirt tucked in a printed skirt that makes curves for you. For a pear you want something to hug the bottom since that is the best part of your body what i would for a outfit for a pear shape is that skinny leather jeans with sandals that lengthen your legs out and accentuates the bottom with a high neck blouse and a gold clutch. For a apple a pair of flared jeans would make the body appear to stand out more and then for the shoes would be snake sandals because it helps the legs to appear longer and curvier in a sense so that is my blog for today have any questions type them in the comments thank you for reading this blog.

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