Fashion tips

Today i’m writing a fashion blog not just for the pomp-est snobs and the hopeless romantics but for everyone you know so if that cute guy asked you out today’s blog will help! So listen closely!  1. Blue stretch pants and black booties with a trendy fringe handbag and a blazer

2. Make the best out of your old clothes and if you have a sewing machine you can make some clothes you know so you could not spend all of your money on one outfit at a mall.

3. For a date: Floral print pencil skirt and white slingbacks (or flats) and a pink silk blouse with gold bangles is stylish if your going out on a date.

Do’s and don’ts

1. DO: Follow some trends for parties

2. DON’TS: Avoid wear a mini skirt on a date without shorts because it will be a wardrobe fail if that skirt blows up in the wind(Awkward).

3. DO: Wear compliments to some of your outfits so that you don’t look like you came out of the dust factory or something or just looking plain old boring.

4. DON’T: Please do not wear too much makeup with a outfit or you will just look like you stepped out of the oven with makeup caked all over your face.

And that’s just about it! I’m done now i hope you liked this blog or not:) But whatever opinion you have on this blog thank you for reading this and the end

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