Advice about boys (girls only!)

When you have a crush on a guy your mind is on him all the time! Every girl knows that but the thing that you have to do with a guy is: 1. Don’t smother him what i mean by smother is acting like his mother or texting him every five seconds just to see what he is doing where he’s act who’s he talking to. 2. Keep in mind that if the guy doesn’t like you, you can’t make him like you when you text a guy every five minutes your guy feels smothered and a guy doesn’t like that (Trust me!) a guy is in control of his own actions of what he does or what he says not for you to text him every five minutes to see that. And a guy does like it when you can give him air and space no guy likes to be smothered in any kind of way.

PS: im a girl saying this! Because it is true!

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