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January 17th , 2016 :

Well well well hey there folks and gals today I’m just listening to “Love robbery” By Kalin and myles pretending I’m a badass I’m some girl with some personality eh? Anyway let me just give that song link to start the day(you don’t have to listen to it. But its a really cool song if you ask me) alright now that’s taken care of let’s skip on to fashion. I have been making the latest sets on Polyvore that got 50+ activity from the peeps and Polyvore is still not satisfied with putting it in a magazine HAH in my dreams hon. I have been kicked down to ‘style setter’ and getting the style setter treatment when I used to have style icon. How much more do they need? Anyway here is my latest activity from Polyvore is here: 

My style of how to wear boots:


So, let’s get another this for a date( wink wink):


And then another… This is when it is COLD AS FUCK outside and you need to layer up: l.jpg99

Last one! For that business meeting you’ve been avoiding: l.jpge

Now that’s done and over you see that in every occasion there is an outfit obviously yes so let me give you some fashion tips: 1. for my first outfit I posted I color cordinated because navy blue with gray equals hallelujah match! And adding black sleek boots would make a statement to the outfit with black pants as the match. I added the mascara because It looks more dramatic you know like the crying – your-eyes – type – of – mascara? Yeah it brought a dramatic look to my outfit( or so I think…) while yet adding a feminine pink bag and lipstick to bring vibrancy to the whole outfit does this make sense?? Also I added hair to make a luxury feeling and the rings as a statement and the earrings as elegance.

Total price of the 1st outfit: I don’t think you want to know… $24,022! Who pays this much?? Anyway just take away the hermes bag and you’ll be fine 😉 

For my second outfit : I added a pastel coat to add a cheerful feminine vibe plus a flower printed silk skirt to add luxury and confidence 😀 and then a bag from chanel to make a statement with the strapped nude shoes. I added the nude strapped shoes and a necklace to give a soft and feminine pure angelic look to the outfit.

Total price of the 2nd outfit: Not as bad as the first outfit but not good either… 1,704 arg just don’t get the coat if you can’t afford 😉

For my third outfit: I added the nude coat to give a luxury but yet sleek along with the gray sweater to give a cozy vibe. Also I added the leather pants to give a sexy and come at me  look to the gluteus maximus( If you don’t know what it means ask your mom. Just kidding here’s the link : and the legs. The nude boots give a luxury match to the coat and the pearl earrings for a statement. Then the pink lipstick for a effortless look. Then finally I added the bag as a finish off.

Total price of the 3rd outfit: $470 Not bad right?? I thought so 😉

For my 4th outfit(last one): I added a black leather jacket to give a bad girl look along with the printed crop top to make camouflage with the bag and boots along with the elegant white skinny jeans and with the leopard printed boots to make a statement. Finally I added the fuchsia lipstick for a garden look. 

Total price of the 4th outfit: $702 ridiculous right? Yeah I know just buy the outfit if it suits you kay? 😉

Brands I recommend and my favorites: Maurices, SheIn, Chanel, House of Fraser and white house black market etc.

I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this blog and found it funny. I will be posting tomorrow but I must warn you I am quite lazy when it comes to blogs so yeah. Have a great day and see you tomorrow! 🙂 😉 🙂 😀